Eduvitz Freddie



Eduvitz Technologies, a division of EDZ Informatics, creates development and planning tools to improve your leadership skills and tap into your team’s full potential. Come find out more about our Intelligent Online Coach - Freddie.

Now that you are committed to developing your team members, you need to understand how to engage them in a way that is productive for both your organization and your employee. Freddie allows you to dynamically create questions and responses which challenge, and encourage your coachee. We are cost effective and make use of Machine Learning to train Freddie. So you just have to pick one that suits you to get started instantly. Freddie is a powerful tool which you can use to change your team and organization.

Helping the leaders of tomorrow learn to succeed today.

Eduvitz is a community of learners who believe that exploration and curiosity are the best and most exciting paths to knowledge. Come find out more about our self-directed Coaching.

We are confident that Freddie - IOC’s unique AI approach and cloud based conversational style will absolutely be an asset to your and organization growth.