About Us

Introduction to Us

We at Eduvitz believe that Technology plays a vital role in our lives. we believe we can leverage improvements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to get things done more smoothly. Leveraging the AI/ML we can make people more connected then ever be it in services like customer care or relation between employees and the companies. So we started with Bots which uses advancements in Natural Language Processing to help people by creating bots like customer care helpdesk, Life Coach Bot etc., We also do designing Websites and train workforce.

Our Bots

Bots provide companies the assistant which works on behalf of them 24/7. it just sits where their customer needs them and provide the company's customer the assurance of the support whenever they need them. It helps company's image of Support team better as these bots leverage AI/ML to provide answers to customers in need and clear most of the support traffic by providing answers to common questions.

We currently are working on a Life Coach Bot which helps people in Improving themselves and achieving the goals they defined themselves. it encourages them by sending the remainders, conversing with them whenever they like, make them define the goals they want to achieve in short term or long term be it may any matter whether its related to health, professional, money management etc,. it makes them define the goal making them see clearer steps to achieve it.

We are also currently working on a Help Desk Assistant which helps companies reduce support traffic, and also a smart bot which helps you in your daily needs. 

Our Web Development

We started web development with the goal of providing companies or start-up's or individuals beautifully crafted websites with great features based on their ideas. Be it a personal Blog or a product based E-commerce or Company's main website for relations, we got you covered with Up To Date technologies and maintenance so that you can focus on your main goal of achieving your dream. 

We Believe an online presence for a company is a must these days as people are getting online to search for their favorite companies and research about them about what kind of products they are offering, their story etc,.but being online isn't a mere themed website where people take a peek and leave. It shows what and how you or your company is defined, it shows how much you care about your customers or followers.

We develop websites with technologies like MongoDB, React etc., We provide the most competitive prices available in market and design the best websites you deserve

Our Training

Having a team with Knowledge of up to date technologies help your company innovate and do great things. We are people who believe that exploration and curiosity are the best and most exciting paths to knowledge. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world and having a team that is educated well enough to adapt to new technologies and include those technologies in our products not only makes us people who makes things at the edge of technology but it also makes our products more economically viable

We provide training to teams in corporate, individuals who want to up-skill themselves at Most Flexible Pricing in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Amazon Web Services etc,.